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When We're Cleaning Windmills

When We're Cleaning Windmills

The site has been closed since 2012 when parts of the sails and fantail were removed due to safety concerns. Further deterioration and water ingress led to the timber domed cap being replaced with a temporary flat roof in 2015.

Historic England awarded a grant for repairs in 2016 and those works were due to be completed in 2017.

Working on behalf of Sunderland City Council, St Astier’s initial scope of works was to carry out the cleaning and removal of biological growth to the external walls using the Specialist DOFF Cleaning System and also utilise the water recovery system to prevent any contaminated water runoff into the existing water table.

Following the completion of the cleaning, it became apparent that the existing lime based render coating applied to the walls had become delaminated in certain locations due to the amount of water ingress that had occurred since the roof had been removed. These areas were carefully removed by hand and replaced with a sympathetic pre bagged lime based mortar and finish to match the existing.

Fulwell Windmill Luke.jpg

Following the application of this, after leaving sufficient time to cure, the entire external elevation was painted by others.

We previously posted a blog about DOFF Cleaning on the windmill.