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Rosette Approval for DOFF Machine

Rosette Approval for DOFF Machine

St Astier has been awarded the Rosette for Stonehealth Approved Contractors of the DOFF Superheated Water Stone Cleaning Machine.

The system, created and regulated by Stonehealth, is uniquely different from other steam systems as it produces super-heated water and steam at a genuine 150 Degrees Celsius at the nozzle end. DOFF will gently remove most modern paints, mastics, bitumen (sometimes with the assistance of paint softeners) and biological growth where the spores are killed off and will not re-grow. There is no need to use biocides when the DOFF has been correctly used as we are informed that any re-growth takes longer to return than when hazardous biocides are used.

We recently used the DOFF system on works at Fulwell Windmill.