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Carville Compound

Carville Compound

Site offices at this motorway maintenance depot were accessed by a wooden walkway and ramp. The walkway was adjacent to the vehicular entrance and a barn containing road salt which was used by HGVs reversing in.

Due to concerns that the walkway could be struck by a moving vehicle and the health and safety implications, St Astier were contracted to remove the existing wooden structure and construct a permanent walkway with a concrete wall to protect from vehicle impact.

The wall was constructed using heavy duty concrete panels lifted in and sat on a level foundation of non-shrink grout and bolted into the concrete yard slab. When the panels had been lifted into position and secured, shuttering was fixed to allow a concrete walkway and disabled ramp to be cast on top of the base of the panels.

After a suitable curing time on the concrete, the shuttering was removed in preparation for a handrail to be installed on all open edges.

Carville Finished.jpg