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Lindisfarne - Sneck Harling to External Walls

Lindisfarne - Sneck Harling to External Walls

Sneck Harling is a term commonplace in Scotland, usually on vernacular structures. The term refers to the process of applying an exterior protective coating on a building. Initially the irregularities in the wall are packed with small stones, and then the surface is covered with a sand and lime mixture.

Sneck Harling 1.jpg

Specific individual stones and voussoirs are left as 'islands', creating 'sneck harling' as opposed to harling, which would cover all areas. The sneck harling protects the mortar joints, creating a decorative, sacrifricial layer.

Sneck Harling 2.jpg

The voussoirs on the east elevation are of particular architectural interest. There were cleaned of old mortar and deeply packed. The whinstone, being very hard and dense, has weathered much less than the surrounding sandstone.

Sneck Harling 3.jpg