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Lindisfarne - Main Stairway Lime Plastering Time-Lapse

Lindisfarne - Main Stairway Lime Plastering Time-Lapse


The first operation was to remove the paint using a poultice, then cut out the cementitious pointing. Sections of the flank walls were rebuilt; extensive packing of voids was undertaken by the team using salvaged stone and pinnings.

The barrel-vaulted ceiling is built with brick, and mortar joints were painstakingly cut out to prevent damage to the soft bricks, thus removing any further cement pointing and to provide a key for the lime plastering. Access restrictions meant that the plasterers had to contort themselves to achieve the excellent finish to the walls and in particular to the barrel-vaulted ceiling.

Below is a time-lapse, filmed by Nick Lewis of the National Trust, which shows the stairway being lime plastered:


Below shows another angle, also provided by Nick Lewis, of the lime plastering works:


 Visitors to the Castle will see the plastered walls and no doubt praise the standard of the finish although they might not necessarily appreciate the cramped conditions and rather gloomy atmosphere endured by the team of lime plasterers.