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Works Take Off at Winston Bridge

Works Take Off at Winston Bridge

Masonry Repair works underway to the Grade II Listed structure which includes the installation of 18 Duckbill Anchors to stabilise areas of bulging masonry located in the Parapet Wing Walls. The works also include the removal and replacement of damaged stonework with new, supplied by a local nearby quarry, caused by natural weathering, and the replacement of cement based mortar to the joints with a more sympathetic lime-based mortar more in-keeping with the original construction.

The site south of Winston village originally had a medieval bridge, constructed around 1424. This bridge was replaced in the 18th Century by local amateur architect Sir Thomas Robinson, and the replacement was finished in 1764. At the time of completion, the bridge’s single stone arch was the longest in Europe, 34 metres.

Metal Spitfire

 In 1988, highly regarded pilot and founding member of the Red Arrows air acrobatics group, Ray Hanna flew his Spitfire plane under the bridge for the TV miniseries Piece of Cake. You can watch the stunt below: