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Repair and Remedial Works to Grade II Listed Village Church

Repair and Remedial Works to Grade II Listed Village Church

St John’s Church in East Witton has experienced historical issues with damp and water ingress into the internal areas of the church and subsequent natural erosion to the stonework of the external walls.

Works commenced on the 10th October with the erection of a full external independent scaffold to the external elevations of the Church. This was to allow for the removal and replacement of the more severely weathered stones using a combination of locally sourced, tooled in situ, natural stone, and hydraulic lime based restoration mortar.

Areas of defective cementitious mortar that were preventing the natural stone walls from breathing correctly were removed and replaced again with a more sympathetic lime based mix. There were also works to the roof to replacing defective flashings, broken roof slates, and repointing defective ridge tiles.

Internal works included the removal and the re-instatement of the damp impregnated internal plaster to the walls of the church with a more suitable retardant material.