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Structural Shoring In Huddersfield

Structural Shoring In Huddersfield

This 19th century building was originally a former mill that was subsequently converted into apartments. On the evening of the 4th January a failure of an internal window lintel resulted in a partial collapse of the internal skin of walling and cavity fill, resulting in a bulge to the external wall.

Works were mobilised to stabilise this bulge using remedial ties, but prior to the works being carried out, high winds caused the bulging panel of stonework to become totally detached and fall two storeys to the car park below. In the days following this there were several more partial collapses as small areas of loose and dislodged stone fell from its location.

Emergency works were undertaken with installation of a temporary shoring/propping system to prevent any further collapse of the external leaf of masonry. An independent access scaffold was erected so that rebuilding of loose and dislodged fabric and masonry reinforcement works consisting of wall ties and masonry beams to connect and stabilise internal and external masonry could take place.