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Cafe Nero Stone Repairs

Cafe Nero Stone Repairs

A four storey structure which occupies a corner location on Clayton Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne is currently subject to sensitive stone repairs and light cleaning works. The structure, which is dressed in ashlar sedimentary sandstone, has clearly been subject to repairs over the years many of which are quite obvious to the eye due to their colour and texture. Indeed, indications found during our condition survey pointed to the probability that the repairs may have been formed in a cementitious based material.

At high level, the cornice and area above have become heavily soiled with evidence of biological activity and root growth which needs to be addressed. Although we would not advocate cleaning for aesthetical reasons, in this instance, the film coating and staining appeared damp and would inevitably be holding moisture to the surface of the stone which in turn may lead to its breakdown and deterioration. It was with this in mind that we proposed a doff system be utilised in order to clean the area. Particular attention is to be given to remove all evidence of biological activity and growths including the filling of deep cavities and stemming and pointing all open joints with a lime based mortar.

Elsewhere, there were obvious areas such as the cornice where open joints are apparent and areas around window jambs etc. which have been incorrectly pointed in cement and are subsequently being re-pointed. All loose and friable stone material is to be de-shaled from both elevations.