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Dealing with Bulging Masonry

Dealing with Bulging Masonry

Following the removal of hard, dense and inappropriate render at this farmhouse in Lancashire, cracks and bulges in the masonry were evident to the front gable elevation.

In order to consolidate the masonry and equally spread the vertical loads, masonry reinforcement comprising twin 8mm helical bars set in thixotropic grout were installed. Crack stitches were introduced to both the internal and external brickwork.

Helifix Cem-Ties were then installed to re-connect the gable wall to the cross walls (1.5m long) and 2m long Helifix Sock-Ties were introduced to the worst affected areas. Where bulging had occurred, shorter Helifix Cem-Ties to tie the inner to the outer leaf were then installed using diamond drilling equipment to reduce vibration and further disturbance to the brickwork. Finally, Helifix Bow-Ties were used to reinstate the connection of the masonry to the floors and roof structure.

The work was completed over a five day period, leaving the external face of the building to be rendered by others before the onset of inclement weather.

We provide a wide range of repair solutions to address structural problems including cracked or compromised masonry, bowing walls, failed structural elements, partial collapses and subsidence issues. Find out more on our structural repair services