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Start from Solid Foundations

Start from Solid Foundations

Works are currently underway to over 20 properties on St Anthony's Road in Walker where the QuickBase system is being installed to facilitate the construction of new extensions to accommodate bathrooms and kitchens as part of a wider Decent Homes programme. St Astier were contracted by Turney Wylde Construction to supply and install the innovative foundation system which is a modern day version of the traditional strip foundation.

Sitting on a series of Thor Helical Shire Piles, lightweight ground beams are connected via a series of push-fit joints to form a frame which is then filled with a specially formulated non-shrink grout to give a high strength composite beam. The frame carries the load of the building through the ground driven piles to suitable bearing strata. Once in place, a pre-manufactured damp proof floor is installed, onto which the inner wall of the extension is built.

Each property is benefitting from an individually tailored design, taking into account the location of drainage systems and water pipes as well as the physical relationship with adjoining properties. The systems are designed and manufactured off-site then delivered to St Anthony's road via our warehouse for fast, clean assembly. As a consequence of using the system, the St Astier team are able to overcome otherwise difficult ground conditions and produce foundations that are ready for further works at a rapid pace unmatched by the mass filled concrete alternative.