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East Kyloe Tower

East Kyloe Tower

St Astier begins work this week at East Kyloe Tower – a medieval ruined tower house of the 14th or early 15th century. Once forming part of a barmkin and now set amongst the buildings of East Kyloe Farm, the tower was first mentioned in documents in 1450 and described as in good repair over 100 years later in 1560. Records indicate that the tower was inhabited by the Grey family until 1633, after which it fell into ruin.

The structure comprises a vaulted basement storey and a spiral staircase with a fragment of the stair wall rising to second floor. Despite being on the Buildings at Risk Register, the Scheduled Ancient Monument is relatively well preserved and contains a number of archaeological deposits.

Our remit, outlined by Robin Kent Architecture & Conservation, is to preserve the ruin, making it weatherproof and structurally sound whilst rendering it reasonably accessible and safe for occasional visitors. The work consists of consolidation and repair of the standing remains with specific emphasis on stabilising major structural defects, safeguarding the vulnerable parts of the fabric from erosion and managing the decay process.

Recognising the importance of the ruin’s relationship with its organic growth, we will be drawing upon our experience and masonry ruins training to safeguard the tower’s flora and fauna, thereby ensuring that the interest and diversity of the monument is preserved and enhanced.